Power Your Home Efficiently

Explore the benefits of an electrical panel upgrade in Wilmington, NC and Leland, NC

Your electrical panel is responsible for moving electricity safely through your home in Wilmington, NC, Leland, NC area and the entire Brunswick County area. If it malfunctions or becomes obsolete, you run the risk of:

  • Paying an absurd amount of money on your energy bills.
  • Overloading your panel and frying your electrical devices.
  • Overheating your electrical system and starting a fire.

With an electrical panel upgrade from Power 2 You, you can power your home safely and efficiently. Get a free estimate on your electrical panel upgrade by contacting us today.

Put those cables and cords in capable hands

Does walking across your darkened lawn at night make you feel uneasy? Rely on us for a landscape lighting installation. Do you need help installing your new home automation system, TV cables or recessed lighting? We've got all your residential electrical needs covered.

Tell us what we can do to brighten your day. Call 910-520-6218 now to schedule a landscape lighting installation or other service in the Wilmington, NC and Leland, NC area.

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